Contact name: Marie Boyle – Owner
Brief description of your business I enjoy teaching crocheting and sewing projects in the community. Created Chapeltown chat and crochet group when I owned the tea room. I also sell my handmade items.
Date joined forum: Since the beginning.
Email address:





What brought you to the forum? To work with like minded people who wanted to make a difference in our community. Providing information within local businesses and events for everyone of all ages!
How have you contributed to the forum? Organised, promoted and successfully ran the Halloween event 2 years running.

Helped to contribute in decorating the room for the dance show for the past 3 years.

Gave advice on the newsletters, banners and leaflets promoting Chapeltown Forum.

Helped sell tickets for events and promotion when owned the tea room.

Attended majority of the meetings to be kept up-to date.


What events have you been involved in? Halloween Spooky Trial, Dance show, Christmas & Summer gala,